Clerk Chat - Calling & SMS In Slack
Clerk Chat - Calling & SMS In Slack

Clerk Chat - Calling & SMS In Slack

Call and Text in Slack


Clerk is a native phone integration for Slack. Provision or import a phone number and start calling and receiving text messages all in Slack. Customers, contractors, and partners never have to install an app to message your team. It’s perfect for keeping track of customer support, operations, and sales messages. Confirm appointments, ask for reviews, offer promotions, the possibilities are endless.

SMS For Slack

Start a new business text conversation from Slack. It's simple for people to text your existing business phone number. Or get a new phone number. Your team will see the customer’s messages in Slack and can reply.

Call Directly From Slack

Use your desktop computer, iPad or a cellphone through the Slack app and get notifications instantaneously when someone texts and calls your company.

Integrate with Tools You Love

Clerk connects with multiple CRMs such as Sales Force, Google Contacts, Google Sheets, Hubspot.

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Clerk Chat
Clerk is a telecommunications platform built on top of Slack. We offer SMS and voice capabilities to Slack users. Keep your company’s text messages organized and secure with Clerk.